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Master Degreee in Advanced Molecular Sciences

List of courses

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Mandatory Courses

Course A: Advanced and innovative analytical methods for applications in life sciences, Maria Minunni and Ilaria Palchetti

Course B: Methods and materials for cultural heritage conservation, David Chelazzi

Course C: Soft matter materials, Debora Berti and Pierandrea Lo Nostro

Course D: Experimental methods for the study of nanostructured materials, Marco Laurati

Course E: Computational modelling of complex systems, Gianni Cardini and Piero Procacci

Course F: Advanced coordination chemistry, Claudio Luchinat and Roberta Sessoli

Course G: Superstructures and multicomponent architectures in Life and Material Sciences, Lucia Banci and Matteo Mannini

Course H: Advanced synthetic methods, Stefano Cicchi and Anna Maria Papini

Course I: Methods for decoration of materials and bioconjugation, Marco Marradi and Cristina Nativi

Course J: Protein engineering and recombinant proteins, Paola Chiarugi


Optional Courses

Course K: Solid state and material chemistry, Andrea Caneschi and Paola Paoli

Course L: Medicinal chemistry, Maria Novella Romanelli and Claudiu Supuran

Course M: Advanced polymeric materials, Camilla Parmeggiani and Marco Frediani

Course N: Chemistry and the omic sciences, Anna Maria Gori

Course O: Chemical biotechnology, Giancarlo La Marca

Course P: Soft matter materials applied to drug delivery systems, food supplements and cosmetic science, Maria Camilla Bergonzi, Anna Rita Bilia and Francesca Maestrelli

Course Q: Modern trends in Chemistry, Industry and Management, Andrea Caneschi

last update: 08-Dec-2020
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