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Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff"
Via della Lastruccia 3-13
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy 
Tel: Front desks (+39)055-457-3007 or (+39)055-457-3567
Skype: master.ams.unifi
Voice: +39 0554573323 (Prof. I. Palchetti, Coordinator)

            +39 0554573522 (Prof. C. Parmeggiani, Deputy Coordinator)

            +39 0554573496 (Prof. S. Cicchi, Coordinator of the Teaching Committee)



All training activities will be performed at the Science Campus (Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico) in Sesto Fiorentino.

The classrooms are either placed in the Department of Chemistry, or at the ground floor of the Classroom and Library Building. Please have a look at the map for the exact location.

All the laboratories are located inside the Department of Chemistry.

Furthermore computers, printers, xerox machines and Wi-Fi access are freely available for students in the Library Building. Students Rooms are also available in different locations in the Department.

Each student will be assigned a regular email user account (use restrictions apply).

  • via Gilberto Bernardini, 6 (Blocco Aule), phone: +39 055-457-2900
  • via della Lastruccia, 3 e 13 (Department of Chemistry Ugo Schiff)

How to reach us/Maps

By bus.

Line 59 (see MAP_59) leaves from the Careggi Hospital area in VIA DINO DEL GARBO (red arrow), near the T1 tramway stop (blue arrow), passes by the Firenze Rifredi train station (purple arrow), and then reaches the Department (green arrow). It takes about 20 mins.


Line 66 (see MAP_66) connects the T2 tramway terminal (red arrow) near the Airport with the Sesto Fiorentino train station (black arrow). On both ways, the bus stops in the Polo Scientifico area (green arrow).


For bus schedules and maps, see the Autolinee Toscane website (

One ticket is valid for 90 mins on buses and/or trams and costs 1.50 €. One card (CARNET) costs 14 € and contains 10 tickets. We strongly recommend to buy tickets and cards at newstands or tobacconists in the city. They must be validated on board (yellow machines). Tickets might be purchased also on board from the driver at the cost of 2.50 €, upon availability.

Special yearly fares are available to enrolled students.


From the airport.

Once at the airport, take the VOLAINBUS service or the T2 tramway that go directly to the central train station (Santa Maria Novella) and viceversa (see MAP_T2).


From Santa Maria Novella central train station.

Take T1 tramway (direction Careggi) and get off at the UNIVERSITÀ stop in Viale Morgagni. Around the corner, in VIA DINO DEL GARBO take bus 59 to Polo Scientifico (check MAP_59).


From Rifredi train station.

Take the back exit to VIA VASCO DE GAMA, cross the street and go to VIA PANCIATICHI. There, take bus 59 to Polo Scientifico (check MAP_59).


From Sesto Fiorentino train station.

Take bus 66 to Polo Scientifico (check MAP_66).


For further information or assistance with the paperwork, please contact your tutor.





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