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Application and Enrollment: Requirements, Forms & Procedures

The Advanced Molecular Sciences Master Program can be accessed by anyone according to the current rules that are outlined below.



Access to the Master in Advanced Molecular Sciences (class LM-54, Chemical Sciences) is granted to those who either hold a degree in class L-27 (Chemical Sciences and Technologies, ex-DM 270/04), or in class 21 (Chemical Sciences and Technologies, ex-DM 509/99). Access to the Master is also granted to those who acquired a good basic scientific knowledge in mathematics and physics and a proper background in chemical disciplines and who possess a 3-year degree or university diploma, or another qualification obtained abroad. In the latter case the admission will be subject to the evaluation of the Teaching Committee.

Curriculum requirements.

In order to access the Master in Advanced Molecular Sciences the applicants must possess at least:

  • 20 ECTS in mathematics, physics and computer science.
  • 50 ECTS in analytical, biological, industrial, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and chemical engineering, with proven theoretical and laboratory activities in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.
  • 15 ECTS for internship, job-oriented and other activities, including the presentation of the thesis.

For each applicant the Teaching Committee of the Master course will assess the necessary background, taking into consideration the type and grading of the passed exams, with particular regards to those included in the scientific disciplines of the curricular requirements. A mandatory individual interview will be carried out in order to evaluate the applicant's skills. In case of a negative outcome, the Teaching Committee will assign the additional duties that shall be fulfilled before finalizing the enrollment. The procedures, terms and list of the documents to be handed out for the application to the Master course are posted in the website of University of Florence, at this link.



Please follow the instruction at these links: 

European Students:

Non-European Students:

Important, see also:


For the enrollment please follow the instruction at these links: 

European Students:

Non-European Students:

Important, see also:


Tuition fees: each student will be requested to pay an annual fee. For detailed information please refer to the Official University website (click here for the link).

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