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The Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff" of the University of Florence offers a two-year Master's degree course in Advanced Molecular Sciences to train and educate the next generation of chemists on the cutting-edge aspects of research in Chemistry of Materials and Life Sciences that will give them the skills required for an advanced career in industry and academia. The Master is offered entirely in English. This course is aimed at Italian and international students with a BSc degree in Chemistry or similar BSc degrees as detailed in the admission rules of the regulation. At the end of this degree students will have acquired skills in the design, synthesis and characterization of materials and biological molecules. To this end, the Course will also provide elements of other disciplines such as Biology, Medicine and Materials Sciences. The achieved competences and skills will cover the study of inorganic and organic materials, small bioactive molecules, complex biological macromolecules and diagnostic tools. The graduates will gain the ability to deal with any kind of synthetic, diagnostic and characterization task they will need in their professional life. Their expertise will be a precious asset both for successfully carrying out PhD courses and for entering the job market.

The Master's Degree in Advanced Molecular Science is part of a project presented by the Department of Chemistry that was funded by the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) after awarding to the Department the status of a “Department of Excellence”. Thus, the Degree Program reflects the two main areas of research carried out within the Department, i.e. Material Chemistry and Chemistry for Life Sciences. As a result, the "excellence" in research will be directly transferred to the training activity offered by the Department. The Department is directly involved in the organization of the Master Course. All details about enrollment and application for scholarship will be published on the Master’s website

The overall offer  consists of 120 ECTS (48 mandatory ECTS, 18 optional ECTS and 54 ECTS for other activities). The laboratory practice is common to almost all courses.


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