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The aim of the First Level Master's Degree in Advanced Molecular Sciences is the training of Graduates in Chemistry with high scientific and professional qualifications. The use of the English language in all courses, besides attracting students from other countries, aims at promoting the formation of people for research centers worldwide.

The Master will offer the opportunity to acquire top level knowledge and experience in the design, synthesis and characterization of complex systems and their applications in fundamental research and in industrial activities and development. The training project is based on the internationally recognized expertise of the members of the Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff" of the University of Florence in the main fields of chemistry of materials and chemistry applied to life sciences. The project is aimed at overcoming the traditional dichotomy between the teachings of chemistry of synthetic materials and chemistry of biological molecules and to offer interdisciplinary skills.

At the end of the Master course the Graduates will possess the skills that derive from the two areas for the design and study of the complex systems including materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, probes and theranostics of the next generation.

The molecular vision, characteristic of the chemical approach, will bring about the development of new products and the precise control of their properties, providing effective and sustainable responses to the needs of the society in terms of new therapeutic approaches, new materials, new processes and new analytical methods.

The proposed goal will be achieved through a training offer that includes a set of mandatory courses in chemistry and biochemistry, necessary for the professional and cultural background of all future Graduates, and a number of integrative optional teachings.

The student will select two out of the six offered integrative courses, depending on his/her personal interests. In this way each student will have the possibility of setting up a customized plan of study.

The multidisciplinary profile offered by the Master degree will enable the Graduate to deal with the challenging demands of the industrial and academic realms. The offered education will be aimed at training both highly specialized professionals to be included in the business world and future researchers who will be able to face further training courses at the PhD and Master level in Molecular Sciences.


The Master Course in Advanced Molecular Sciences is a two-years Master Course, based on a single curriculum. The overall offer will consist of 120 ECTS (48 mandatory ECTS, 18 optional ECTS and 54 ECTS for other activities). The laboratory practice is common to almost all courses.

The training activities are organized into semesters.


Student Guide

For all information please refer to the STUDENT GUIDE that can be found on the School Of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

Career and employment

The multidisciplinary profile offered by the Master degree will enable the Graduate to deal with the challenging demands of the industrial realms. For the graduate of this class, enrollment in the National Order of Chemists and Physicists is possible, after passing the State Exam.

The Master Degree in Advanced Molecular Sciences (LM54) constitutes a preferential title to access the PhD programme in the area of chemistry.




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