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"The Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence offers a new Master Course in Advanced Molecular Sciences to train and educate the next generation of chemists on the cutting-edge aspects of research on Life Science and Chemistry of Materials. The scope of the Master is to grant skills in the design, synthesis and characterization of materials and biological molecules including inorganic and organic materials, small bioactive molecules, complex biological macromolecules and diagnostic tools.
The graduates’ expertise will be a precious asset both for successfully carrying out PhD courses and for entering the job market.

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Final Results scholarships 2022. The final list of recipient of the scholarships is published

Lessons of Prof. Kent. on September 15, 2:00 pm Prof. Kent will start his lesson. Here the link to the program

new transport service. A new service to access the campus

Call for Scholarships 2022-2023. Call for scholaships 2022-2023- Deadline 10 August 2022

Cooperation agreement double degree. Master in Integrative Chemistry and Innovation-Advanced Molecular Sciences double degree

Promotional Video 2021 (NEW). 

The Poster. 

Study Outline. 




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