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Master Degreee in Advanced Molecular Sciences

Internal Committees

Teaching Committee (Comitato per la Didattica)

The Teaching Committee approves the students' study outlines and course programs and reports to the Master’s board on proposals for improvement on the basis of monitoring analyses on the Course activity

Members: Pierandrea Lo Nostro (president), Stefano Cicchi, Matteo Mannini

Joint Teacher-Student Commission (Commissione Paritetica)

The Joint Teacher-Student Commission is a permanent observatory on teaching activities, provided for by Legislative Decree no. 19/2012 and internally regulated by the University Teaching Regulations, art. 6.

 Tasks of the Commission:

- to carry out monitoring of the educational offer and quality, of the professors’ and researchers’ service activity to students.

- to identify indicators for the evaluation of the teaching activity

- to express opinions on the activation and suppression of Master’ courses

- The Commission meets several times during the year and prepares an annual report following the analysis of the data and of what is present in the SUA-CdS document and in the Review Reports.

Members: Marco Laurati (president), Ilaria Palchetti, Marco Frediani, Marco Marradi


Review Group (Gruppo di Riesame)

The Review Group is a special commission of the Study Courses, including the student representatives,  with the task of self-evaluating the training offered by the Course. The primary task of the Review Group is to identify the strengths of the Course, to keep them unchanged over time, and the areas of weakness requiring improvement actions.

Members: Ilaria Palchetti (president), Debora Berti, Claudio Luchinat, Cristina Nativi, Camilla Parmeggiani


Delegates in charge of student guidance (enrollment)

Marco Marradi, Camilla Bergonzi


Delegate for Internship and Job placement

Francesca Maestrelli


Foreign mobiity

Anna Maria Papini. Cristina Nativi

last update: 15-Jan-2020
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